A Message from Jack Garvy:

Like all patients who come to SonRidge, you're probably here because you want help. Whatever your health-care issues are, you've most likely had them awhile. And nothing much has worked. Or it's worked only temporarily or marginally. And it's been expensive. And it's had side effects. And it hasn't dealt with causes. Nor have medications fully "managed" your problem.

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So we know why you're visiting our Web site. You have a continuing problem, and you've probably heard about us from one or more of our patients who got well. At any rate, we know why you're here. Now please let me tell you why I'm here.

First of all, I want to help. It's what I like to do. Secondly, after more than a quarter-century's experience, I know what causes symptoms on the physical level.

There are seven "bad things,"or causative agents, which are responsible. They're a symptom's—or a group of symptom's—physical origins. If by means of our technology (self-developed) we can find and eliminate these seven causes, you'll be helped.  


But—and I can't overemphasize this fact—eliminating these seven causes isn't enough! Let me demonstrate, in eight simple words, how people truly do get well:

This little trio of statements probably seems like an oversimplification. But it isn't. It's a useful, practical outline on which you can hang a lot of important truths. For example, in the "Bad Things Out" category, there are the seven culprits that need to be discovered and dealt with: Chemicals, Heavy metals, Allergens, Infections, Noxious fields, Engineered foods, and Drugs.

These seven toxic influences accumulate in the body. They produce dysfunction at first and then, finally, they produce structural breakdown.

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Please notice that the first letter of each of these seven "bad things," listed above, is in caps. Notice also that the seven initial letters spell the word "C-H-A-I-N-E-D." There's a good reason for this, and here's why.

Instead of saying that somebody with a group of symptoms has a certain so-called "disease," it's more appropriate—and accurate—to say, simply, that he's "chained." In other words, he's weighed down, imprisoned.

(Heavy metals, by the way, are mercury, lead, aluminum, and so on. Noxious fields are electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields that disturb your sleep environment. See my book, Sleeping Well, available from SonRidge.)

If we eliminate these seven negative influences that keep the body "chained," we've done well. That's what SonRidge does though its unique technology—it gets "bad things out." And that's a good start.

But even so, that's not enough. A patient still has to put "good things in." He has to breathe right, drink right, eat right, keep chemicals off the skin, get good exercise, and stay detoxified. Then he's done his part.

But even so, that's not enough! If SonRidge does its part, and you do your part, still one thing more remains to be done. God has to do his part. And he does that, according to natural law, when you get "good sleep." That's when you regenerate and recharge!

So remember: "Bad Things Out, Good Things In, Good Sleep." And remember, too—we're glad to help.


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