During Jack's apprenticeship period, Chinese doctors often hooked electrodes to inserted acupuncture needles. These needles were charged with a microcurrent in the 8-10 Hz frequency range. This particular microcurrent resembled the frequency generated by manual needle-twirling.

In the late 1980's, Jack began experimenting with frequencies to help eliminate infections, including the use of a 1500-Hz frequency to correct a severe shingles outbreak. One 45-minute treatment completely arrested all pain, and within three days the large lesion was scabbed over and healing. This success spurred Jack to use his testing apparatus to find new frequencies for other infections.

In 1993 his frequencies first appeared on the Web, and today he's considered a pioneer in this rapidly growing healing technology.

Today, instead of acupuncture needles, Jack uses painless light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which can cover large portions of the body and introduce the correct frequencies that kill pathogens.



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