Other than trauma, there are seven causes of acute or chronic problems. They are Chemicals, Heavy metals, Allergens, Infections, Noxious fields, Engineered foods, and Drugs. Notice that the first letter of each of these words is capitalized. Taken together, these letters spell another word: C-H-A-I-N-E-D.

These seven toxic influences accumulate in the body. They produce dysfunction at first and then, finally, they produce structural breakdown.

Instead of saying that somebody with a group of symptoms has a certain so-called "disease," it's more appropriate—and accurate—to say, simply, that he's "chained." In other words, he's weighed down, imprisoned.

(Heavy metals, by the way, are mercury, lead, aluminum, and so on. Noxious fields are electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields that disturb your sleep environment. See Jack's book, Sleeping Well, available for purchase when you contact us.)

If we eliminate these seven negative influences, we've done well. That's what SonRidge does though its unique technology—it gets "bad things out."


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