The BioTest equipment is an analytic health-care system developed by Jack and Chester (Chet) Kylstra, Ph.D. (nuclear engineering). Beginning in 1982, Jack and Chet teamed up to analyze then-existing Dermatron and Vega technologies. They then created a new system using actual substances. These substances were antidotes to chemicals, heavy metals, infectious agents, allergens, foods and drugs, and were held in hundreds and hundreds of individual vials.

BioTest technology.

Today, these vials are held in a circuit-board, and multiple circuit-boards are contained in drawers. Various circuitries connect drawers to a BioTest scanner, which measures a patient's response to a given vial.

By analyzing an intricate pattern of responses, it's possible to determine a problem's causal agents in order of priority.

This information then leads to appropriate choices of homeopathic remedies, supplements, herbs and frequencies useful to eliminate pathogens.



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