Our Philosophy

SonRidge doesn't do drugs-and-surgery medicine. Instead, we try to find problem-causers and remove them by non-conventional means. We use BioTest™ technology to discover these problem-causers. Then we remove them using homeopathic remedies along with frequency-specific-acupuncture™.

We recommend supplements, dietary changes, and an improved sleep environment. These help accelerate recovery. We also teach how to preserve health once it's recovered.

All of this isn't easy to accomplish, but we've been doing it for more than a quarter century. We can usually help, and we'd love to try.

Jack Garvy's Bio

Jack Garvy was in the first acupuncture class held in the U.S. (New York City, 1970). For the following ten years he studied nutrition and homeopathy while apprenticing in Boston, MA with Chinese (Ho Fen Shen, John Chang, James Tin So) and Korean (Yun Won Suh) acupuncturists.

In 1980 Jack began private practice in Black Mountain, NC. Three years later he opened an office in town called the Energy Medicine Clinic. In 1990 he relocated the clinic to 113 acres of nearby mountain land and later changed the name to SonRidge Health Center. By word-of-mouth alone, this practice grew until it was attracting 25-40 new patients a week from all around the country.

In 1998 Jack sold his business and moved with his wife, Angela, to St. Augustine, Florida, where he now sees patients Monday through Thursday.

Jack is licensed as an acupuncturist in both North Carolina and Florida. By law he may not be called "doctor." He may be called "physician," or "fizz" for short, or just plain "Jack," which he prefers. 


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